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Zack Port designs things to make people's lives better.

Like Bartholomew Cubbins of yore, Zack Port has worn many hats while pursuing his vocation. Trained in industrial and interaction design, he first worked for a product consultancy and then moved into the world of interface and user experience design as a UX/UI designer and product owner. Other illustrious occupations have included time spent as an office assistant, a woodshop worker, a custodian, and (most recently) an airplane, at the often-repeated request of his children.

Zack's work, whether professional or personal, is always user-focused, inventive, and precise. He has successfully guided his designs for mobile and web applications from research to release, and his products from his home woodshop have found their place in friends', families', and strangers' homes.

He lives in Upstate NY with his wife, son, daughter, and their three cats.

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